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Case study
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  • Development
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  • React Powered Development
  • Real-Time Data Integration

About the client

Interbloc is a go-to platform for real-time insights into the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies. Interbloc serves as a comprehensive hub that offers a detailed overview of the current status of various crypto coins, their interrelationships, and the ability to convert these digital assets into standard fiat currencies.

Business Needs

The client has come with the following request:

Real-Time Data Integration
The original backend has been integrated into clear and organized front end to provide quick and correct turnaround. The significanceof real-time data integration in cryptocurrency trading is crucial for several reasons:
It provides immediate access to the latest market trends, prices, and news, helping investors make informed decisions quickly.
Users can closely monitor market fluctuations, enabling prompt reactions to sudden changes and risk mitigation.
Accurate, up-to-date pricing is vital for precise portfolio valuationand effective investment strategies.
Real-time data offers a competitive edge by allowing users to spotopportunities or risks ahead of others.
Without this feature, Interbloc could face issues like:
Reliance on outdated information, leading to poor investment choices.
Inaccurate portfolio valuations due to delayed data, resulting in misguided investment decisions.
Decreased user engagement and trust due to lack of current information.
Difficulty in attracting and retaining users against competitors with real-time data, potentially reducing Interbloc's market share.
Interactive Market Tools
Our development team incorporated interactive tools and visual representations into Interbloc to address the need for understanding complex market relationships. Users can explore and comprehend the interconnected dynamics of different cryptocurrencies with ease.
Incorporating these tools into the Interbloc platform was essential for various reasons:
Market Insights: Visualization of correlations, trends, and dynamics offers users a deeper understanding of market patterns.
Interactive Market Tools: These tools assist users in evaluating portfolio diversification, aiding informed investment decisions and risk management.
Risk Management: By visualizing market correlations and connections, users can pinpoint systemic risks.
Trading Opportunities: Comparative analysis and interactive features help spot trading chances based on trends and dynamics.
Educational Value: These tools also serve as learning resources for newcomers to cryptocurrency and blockchain.
User Engagement: They enhance the user experience, making the platform more engaging.
Interactive Market Tools
The platform's design ensures accessibility for both novice and experienced investors, fostering a seamless and enjoyable user experience.

Our solution

To address the business requirement, we chose to build the platform utilizing Next.js. This framework facilitates handling extensive datasets, enabling real-time data processing and its swift presentation on the user interface in an accessible manner.
We leaned on TypeScript to manage data flow and guarantee the application's functionality. Given the platform's need to process and neatly organize vast amounts of data for user presentation, we employed Redux Toolkit. This tool aids in storing essential information for subsequent analyses and calculations.
A pivotal feature of the platform is its graph integration for effectively displaying metrics, for which we opted for the Plotly library. Plotly was selected for its compatibility with substantial data volumes, its capability for real-time updates, and its extensive customization options. These features allowed us to tailor the platform's system perfectly to the design requirements.


Leveraging the technologies mentioned, we've elevated the platform to a higher standard, achieving notable improvements:
We significantly enhanced the platform's loading speed, reducing wait times and improving user engagement.
Our focus on developing an adaptive user interface ensures a seamless and intuitive experience across different devices, enhancing accessibility and usability.
Additionally, reactive navigation between pages provides smooth transitions, making the user journey on the platform more cohesive and enjoyable. 
These advancements collectively not only boost the platform's performance and user appeal but also demonstrate our dedication to delivering a superior, user-focused digital experience. By integrating these cutting-edge technologies, we've established a robust platform that stands out for its speed, adaptability, and user engagement.
Client feedback


I really like how it turned out and I really appreciate working with you.
Felix Pfeiffer
OCT 16, 2023
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