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Strategic Redesign: Enhancing Website Performance and User Engagement

Case study
  • UI/UX
  • 3D Visualization
  • Development
  • Complete site redesign (UI/UX)
  • Website development
  • Database upgrading solutions
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About the client

Mason Mint is a premier company crafting unique and intricate custom coins. Renowned for their creative designs and precision, they cater to diverse industries and collectors worldwide. Their expertise lies in producing bespoke collectibles, showcasing a fusion of artistry and exceptional craftsmanship, establishing them as leaders in the industry.

Client request:
Building a robust online presence via a website to broaden the business's outreach by introducing mobile friendly website design.
Retaining all previously collected data and transaction history during the transition to the new website.
Crafting a distinctive, interactive website design to showcase the client's collection most effectively.
Our solution:
We decided to develop ASP.NET back-end in order to support a new innovative design and increase the website’s performance
For a better customer experience React Next front-end was introduced that allowed us to create a vivid interactive gallery of custom coins designed by Mason Mint.
Finally, for securing the previously accumulated data a new MySQL engine was implemented which allowed using 2 databases (the old and the new one) at the same time. This also allowed us to use crucial back-end details from the old version of the website, thus making the project both cheaper and retaining all the previous records.
The decisions mentioned above led to:
The enhanced user experience. The website streamlined interaction with 3D modeling and 2D text animation for an immersive exploration of Mason Mint's coin catalog. Visitors enjoy near-real interactions, enhancing browsing engagement.
React Next for stunning visuals. This enables the creation of a vibrant interactive gallery showcasing Mason Mint's custom coins.
Save old, implement new. A new MySQL engine was implemented to secure the previously accumulated data, allowing Mason Mint to use two databases (the old and the new one) simultaneously. The old data from the previous website version can be used, making the project cheaper and retaining all the previous records.


The introduction of a mobile-friendly design quickly expanded the potential market size.
Overall design of the website got a major improvement, including 3D animation and smooth browsing experience.
The website got modernized while retaining its functionality.
Thus new and improved customer experience has emerged.
By keeping the database of the previous website intact, we helped the client to reduce costs.
Client feedback


The client is pleased with the results of the engagement, as Studiopresto is able to consistently complete their tasks. The team is thorough from a workflow standpoint, and internal stakeholders are impressed with the service provider's team dynamic and vast technical expertise.
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OCT 16, 2023
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