Meet Stan and Julia — founders of Studiopresto — a blend of a creative blast and a consistent improvement.

Stan and Julia built the company from the ground up. They started as a passionate couple whose dream was to make a change. As ambitious as it sounds, it is happening now. And they have 26 people in the team who share their vision and aspiration for innovation.

The power of Studiopresto is in the team approach. While each of us is a unique individual, together we create a synergetic tension of various expertise.

We are sure that such a constructive conflict can bring a great boost to the project.

With their projects, Studiopresto changes the digital world into a beautiful and cozy environment.

Everyone can relate to this mission. We all want to live a comfortable, pleasurable, and attractive life. We all want to be surrounded by sophisticated things and free thinking people. We all want to matter and make an input. This is what Studiopresto does.