the client:

Denti-pal allows patients to create a personalized profile of their oral status. In addition, they get access to recommended educational materials customized to their needs, understand their oral health needs and cavity risk conditions, and buy personalized packages and recommended products.


Dental health is an essential and often painful (literally) topic. Patients are used to trusting their dentist, not a website. Therefore, the main task that Studiopresto had to accomplish was to convert visitors into paying customers and engage customers to stick.

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Our work & results:

The client wanted to make the site calm, positive, and playful. Colors were to be accompanied by visual graphic elements. Therefore, the designer used colored, wavy, and oval shapes with thematic icons. Many color combinations were to cause calmness and joy. The client was offered five completely different options, among which he chose.

The combination of visual elements and selected colors helped to create the necessary atmosphere. And Denti-pal was extremely satisfied with the result.