The recruitment process would have required more time from more people if we weren’t using Recright.


Complete site redesign by Studiopresto

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FEATURED IN UI/UX — 4.10.2022
Client request:

Recright takes recruiting to companies to a new level. The service saves time for both an employer and a candidate by using pre-recorded interviews.

Our role:

Studiopresto needed to create a modern, bright design that would help demonstrate all the benefits of Recright for both sides.


Home page

The home screen is the most essential part of any website. So we decided to make it as memorable as possible. The strong slogan and short video were further enhanced by visuals: Reckless font with a red brand color.


Dozens of companies have already seen the convenience of Recright. So we placed their positive testimonials in the next block.

Adaptive design

The mobile version uses non-standard scrolling and animation. This makes the experience of being on the site even more attractive on a smartphone.


We made a particular emphasis on a crucial block with important additional information.


Stages of work


Developed and agreed with the client on the entire site structure with all pages.


We have arranged the design and accent on all pages in a structured Wireframe.


Design process

From the very beginning, we had the idea of an unusual design.

The focus was on large high-quality photos of people with whom customers of the service could associate themselves.

And also, the bright red font makes the design look daring, calling to action.

Other pages

The site contains quite a few pages with a lot of information. So we made the navigation clear for everyone.


You must provide your name and email to log in to the service. Or register through popular methods, such as a Google account.

Create new interview

2 types of interviews to choose from standard andtime-limited.

Blog adaptive

Recright has a story to tell to its customers. And that's why there is a blog page on the site. And we made it easy to read - from a monitor or smartphone.


A detailed overview of branding elements: colors, font, and design features.

Color palette

The primary reference in color was the "red recording dot". Red is the dominant color, and together with pink they make a perfect combination and thus are most used. The blue colors are the secondary and used to highlight Recright digital assets.

New interview

The described color scheme, enhanced by the Reckless font family and thoughtful animations, provide 4 advantages for the site:

Posters recright

The benefits of the design were further demonstrated in several example posters.

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