Updating visual for a restaurant employers training app

Case study

Complete site redesign by Studiopresto

  • Wireframes
  • UI/UX Design
  • Branding

About the client

About the clientExpandShare is a cloud-based, mobile app designed to address the unique challenges restaurants face in training employees, tracking operations, and maintaining brand consistency across concepts, locations, and franchisees.

Client request:

App usability must be improved and polished. ExpandShare also wanted the interface of the app to be more consistent throughout the modules. There are also problems with mobile design that need to be fixed.

Our solution:

Studiopresto applied a mobile-first approach in this case. We have made improvements in the UI components, organized them into a useful Design System that helped greatly the client's Development Team.

During each sprint, we experimented with different UX solutions that helped to find the most effective ones. Designer team provided clickable prototypes that really helped the client to understand how things work.

Client feedback


The client is pleased with the results of the engagement, as Studiopresto is able to consistently complete their tasks. The team is thorough from a workflow standpoint, and internal stakeholders are impressed with the service provider's team dynamic and vast technical expertise.
CEO ExpandShare
OCT 16, 2023
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