Bergen Stillas

A case study for a scaffolding company.


Complete site redesign by Studiopresto

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Client request:

A case study for a scaffolding company. The outdated website, logo and identity of Bergen Stillas only hindered the image of a modern and progressive company. So they ask Studiopresto to change this.

Our role:

We were faced with a difficult task to show an interesting story about an important but incredibly boring thing - construction scaffolding. And also to demonstrate the modern image of the company.


Home page

To instantly attract attention, we used a classic technique - beautiful video footage on the first section of the website. As in the case of Recright a good clip makes the visitor stay on the page longer.


You can't buy construction scaffolding in a supermarket. Only past customers can tell you about the good quality of the work performed and the company's responsibility for its business. That's why we added a large section with clickable reviews. This way, they can be easily checked for authenticity.

Adaptive design

Sometimes it's a challenge to fit all the content, especially illustrations, into a mobile version. But, best app design rules demand, that Studiopresto should managed to fully adapt the site to smartphone screens.


Design process

A simple way to talk about complex things.

The website is designed in a minimalist style. This emphasizes Bergen Stillas' openness to communication with its clients and simplicity in dealing with them. Red became the accent color. It highlights important places in the blocks, buttons, etc. The same tone became the main color in the company's logo.

The visuals are based on large, beautiful photographs of objects that demonstrate in detail the quality of Bergen Stills' work. All images were taken without any pre-rendering. The company's extensive portfolio allowed us to fill the website with a sufficient number of high-quality photos.

Other pages

The designers chose a modern sans-serif font that is simultaneously compatible with English, Polish, and Norwegian and correctly reflects the unique characters of these three languages.


The company provides several key services. Each of them has a separate page with a description of the workflow and large photo illustrations.


Bergen Stillas is a company that is always in the process of developing and searching for qualified personnel. Studiopresto has thought through the functionality and design of the service for searching and selecting available vacancies.

You can also view all available job offers on the page.

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